You Create Podcast Episode #008 | Machining Aluminum With A CNC Router | How Do You Describe Your CNC System | Stepcraft’s New Affiliate Program – Make Extra Money!

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In this episode I discuss working with aluminum on a CNC router.  I get asked the question a lot, if a CNC router can cut aluminum and the answer is definately YES.  However there are some things you need to be aware of to work with aluminum successfully: Use compressed air to evacuate chips away from the cutter Use a ... Read More »

You Create Podcast Episode #007 | The Drag Knife And How To Use It

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In this episode we talk about the Drag Knife for the Stepcraft CNC System as well as the Donek Drag Knife. The drag knife is an attachment that you can add to the Stepcraft CNC (other CNC systems can use a Donek Drag Knife).  The Stepcraft Drag Knife can be adjusted for various thickness materials and can be used for crafts, ... Read More »

You Create Podcast Episode #006 | An In-Depth Look At Vectric Cut 2D – Why It Is The Best Choice For Beginners And Professionals

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We get a lot of phone calls asking about CNC software.  People want to know what to use for design, CAM and more.  We find that in many of these instances, the person is a beginner to the world of CNC and looking for information to ensure that they are not getting in over their head when they aquire a ... Read More »

You Create Podcast Episode #005 | Finding New CNC Prospects At A Local Fair | Using a CNC System For Business | Taking An Already Made Product And Customizing For Profit

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This past weekend we had a booth at a local fair to showcase the Stepcraft product line. Our main objective was to show the product and technology to a general audience of people and see what they thought. Since there is so much versatility in the functionality of what the machines can do, I wanted to see what ideas an ... Read More »

You Create Podcast Episode #004 | A Little About Myself, My Hobbies and My Experience | Stepcraft and Other Kickstarter Projects | Using the Dremel as a Spindle

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This week I wanted to take a few minutes and talk a little about who I am.  I received a few emails with people asking about my experience with different things both in the CNC world and in the RC hobby world. I’ve been involved in radio control models for over 25 years and was the business development director for ... Read More »

Video – Make Paper Signs a Little Fancier With A Stepcraft CNC And Drag Knife


We had to prepare for a fair and needed to make some paper signs to put on some yard signs that we were selling. We had two choices, print plain old 8 1/2 x 11 on an inkjet printer or use my Stepcraft CNC with a drag knife to make something fancier. I saw some ideas at a recent visit ... Read More »

You Create Podcast Episode #003 | Ideas From A Fair | Why Buy It When You Can Make It? | Best Free Programs To Create Your Own Things To Make – Inkscape and Sketchup

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In this third episode of the You Create Podcast, I talk about my recent trip to a large fair in New England called The Big E ( As I walked around the fair I saw idea after idea of things that can be created with a CNC machine and/or 3D printer.  One particular item that caught my eye was silhouetted ... Read More »

You Create Podcast Episode #002 | Why Do You Want A CNC? | Life Before CNC | Advantages of CNC | Things to Consider When Buying | Materials | What Can you CNC?

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In the second episode of the You Create Podcast, we discuss why you would want a CNC machine and what things were like before CNC. I spend some time talking about the advantages as well as things to consider when looking to purchase a system. This episode was also geared towards a general audience, specifically beginners.  We will get into ... Read More »

Video – Making T-Slot Bolts


We were looking for some longer T-Slot bolts for the Stepcraft T-Slot table and after a quick trip to the local hardware store, we found some 1/4-20 bolts that are used for furniture. They have a large flat round head which the thickness is perfect for the Stepcraft T-slot. However to make them work, the head will have to be ... Read More »

You Create Podcast Episode #001 | What is CNC? | Parts Of A CNC Machine | 3 Basic Steps To A CNC Project | Cost To Get Started

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Welcome to the first episode of The You Create Podcast. This podcast will take you through the world of CNC milling, carving, machining, engraving, woodworking, crafts, hobbies and more.  We will also discuss 3D Printing, software and even business ideas and solutions. The You Create Podcast is sponsored by STEPCRAFT; a world leader in universal desktop CNC/3D Solutions.  The information ... Read More »