You Create Podcast Episode #008 | Machining Aluminum With A CNC Router | How Do You Describe Your CNC System | Stepcraft’s New Affiliate Program – Make Extra Money!

In this episode I discuss working with aluminum on a CNC router.  I get asked the question a lot, if a CNC router can cut aluminum and the answer is definately YES.  However there are some things you need to be aware of to work with aluminum successfully:

  • Use compressed air to evacuate chips away from the cutter
  • Use a speeds and feed calculator – Check out G-Wizard
  • Use a carbide end mill – 2 or 1 flute – they work better for the higher RPMs of routers
  • Don’t expect crazy material removal rates or fast feed rates like a purpose-built machine
  • If you have a choice, stick with 6061 aluminum, We source from OnlineMetals

I also talk about the term that you use to describe your CNC system to someone that does not know what it is.  Do you call it a CNC?  Do people know what CNC is?  We have been looking for a new term to describe our systems to people and via a vote on our Facebook group we are going to try All-In-One Creation System.  What do you think??  Leave a comment…

Lastly, in our efforts to expand our customer  base we are turning to you… our listeners, to help us spread the word.  Our new Stepcraft Affiliate Program will pay you 5% on any sale that you refer, but simply going to and signing up – it’s FREE and only takes a minute.  Then you can use your personal URL code to refer people you know to us.  When they buy, you make 5% – it is that simple.


OnlineMetals– Excellent source for ordering metal to machine

G-Wizard – World’s best Speeds and Feeds Calculator

Stepcraft, Inc. – World leader in all-in-one CNC systems

Stepcraft Crafter’s Club – Facebook Group for Stepcraft Owners

CNC Router Tips Podcast – Excellent Podcast by Bill Griggs on CNC

CNC Router Tips Facebook Group – Great group of helpful CNC fanatics



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