Making a Model Railroad Bridge (files included)


In preparation for the Railroad Hobby Show in Mass. we had to design something that was model railroad related.  So using Sketchup, I came up with a design for this bridge.  I created the tool paths in V Carve and will share the files below. The bridge was made from 1/4 clear pine “hobby boards” from Lowes/Home Depot. All parts ... Read More »

Tour of the Stepcraft Exhaust Adapter for Dust Collection

Stepcraft Exhaust Adapter

For more information visit Read More »

Video – Make Paper Signs a Little Fancier With A Stepcraft CNC And Drag Knife


We had to prepare for a fair and needed to make some paper signs to put on some yard signs that we were selling. We had two choices, print plain old 8 1/2 x 11 on an inkjet printer or use my Stepcraft CNC with a drag knife to make something fancier. I saw some ideas at a recent visit ... Read More »

Video – Making T-Slot Bolts


We were looking for some longer T-Slot bolts for the Stepcraft T-Slot table and after a quick trip to the local hardware store, we found some 1/4-20 bolts that are used for furniture. They have a large flat round head which the thickness is perfect for the Stepcraft T-slot. However to make them work, the head will have to be ... Read More »