Making a Model Railroad Bridge (files included)

In preparation for the Railroad Hobby Show in Mass. we had to design something that was model railroad related.  So using Sketchup, I came up with a design for this bridge.  I created the tool paths in V Carve and will share the files below.

The bridge was made from 1/4 clear pine “hobby boards” from Lowes/Home Depot. All parts were cut using a 2mm 2 flute end mill.  You can modify the tool in V Carve, just be sure to recalculate the tool paths.

Photos Of The Finished Bridge

IMG_6064 IMG_6067 IMG_6066 IMG_6065

VCarve Files

There are four files: Sides, Base, Top and Bottom – you can download the files here:

Video Of It Being Cut Out On A STEPCRAFT-2/600

One comment

  1. It’s amazing! Good job!

    Actually I’m mounting my Stepcraft 600 kit and, it would be great to make the project! Altough I ordered it with the WinPC-NC software, I will order the UCCNC because I think is really important to work with G-Code. I’m buying all the stuff in Germany because I’m from Spain

    What feed of rate do you use? And what cut depth in each pass?

    Do you use this bit?:

    I’m thinking to buy it also.

    I have a Dremel 3000 (wich is 130W), so I think I will have to do it a little bit slower than you


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