You Create Podcast Episode #015 | Highlights From The WRAM Show In NJ | Using Tabs In Your Project

We just got back from the WRAM show at the Meadowlands Convention Center in New Jersey.  This is the largest model airplane show in the Northeast and is home to between 65-75 exhibitors with around 8000 people that come through over the weekend. This is our second year at the show with Stepcraft and our booth is always a popular attraction.  In preparation for the show, I had to design and cut some projects that were model airplane related.  In this process, I learned a few new things about using Tabs in my project with Vectric software to which I discuss in this episode.

Visit MakeCNC to browse their huge variety of CNC project files

CNC F-15 Jet Cut on Stepcraft CNC

This is the F-15 Jet that was made from Plans from MakeCNC. It was made from 1/4″ Maple Plywood and cut with a 1/8″ diamond end mill

Model Wing on Stepcraft CNC

This is the wing that Steve Mills designed. It was Cut on a Stepcraft CNC with a 1/16″ end mill

Stepcraft at WRAM

My son, Daniel, is busy talking to the crowd at the show.

Stepcraft at WRAM

The booth was packed all day long

Stepcraft's Dan Immohr

Stepcraft’s Director Of Technical Support – hard at work

Stepcraft 300 3D Printing

The Stepcraft-2/300 was 3D Printing during the whole show

Stepcraft 840 at WRAM

The Stepcraft-2/840 using a Kress Spindle was busy cutting and carving throughout the show

Stepcraft Booth at WRAM 2016

The booth was all setup before the show started

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