You Create Podcast Episode #001 | What is CNC? | Parts Of A CNC Machine | 3 Basic Steps To A CNC Project | Cost To Get Started

Welcome to the first episode of The You Create Podcast.

This podcast will take you through the world of CNC milling, carving, machining, engraving, woodworking, crafts, hobbies and more.  We will also discuss 3D Printing, software and even business ideas and solutions.

The You Create Podcast is sponsored by STEPCRAFT; a world leader in universal desktop CNC/3D Solutions.  The information in the podcast will appeal not only to STEPCRAFT owners, but to anyone with an interest in CNC and 3D printing.

In this first episode we discuss:

  • What is CNC? (02:42)
  • X, Y, and Z Axes (04:44)
  • Stepper Motors (05:33)
  • Major Components on a CNC system (07:39)
    • Gantry (07:55)
    • Spindle (10:19)
    • Rails (14:00)
    • Bed (15:25)
    • Collets (17:55)
    • Tools (End Mills) (19:22)
  • Three basic steps to a CNC project (21:16)
    • Design (21:35)
      • Software
        • Sketchup
        • Inkscape
        • Adobe Illustrator
        • Corel Draw
        • AutoCAD
        • Solidworks
    • Tool Path Software (22:53)
      • Vectric
        • Cut 2D
        • Cut 3D
        • VCarve Pro
      • Mastercam
      • BobCAD
      • EzCAM
    • Machine Control (25:18)
      • Mach 3
      • WinPC-NC
      • UCCNC
  • Costs to get started (28:01)
  • Experience needed (30:53)


To view a transcript of this episode, please click HERE

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  1. This is simply a wonderful podcast. The speaker is articulate and the information is very clear so that both professionals and amateurs will be able to understand. I foresee many persons who tune in to this podcast having issues cleared up, getting a better understanding of the software and the hardware which will lead to the creation of greater pieces of work. Hey, what do you create?

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